The Granary at Kinkell Cottage
The Old Granary

The Old Granary was built in 2000 to be a home for Jim's mother but she soon required 24 hour care and had to move into care. After standing empty for a few months Jackie and Jim decided to let the Granary (a play on words for Granny!) and went to New Forest Cottages (NFC) also known locally as Ridgeway Rents. Various changes were made on the advice of NFC to bring the accomodation up to a standard. Jim had had many years experience letting holiday homes on Hayling Island where the family owned a 40 chalet holiday resort called Silver Sands.

Since the 15th June 2003 we have welcomed many guests, some of whom have come back many times. Initially we were able to accomodate children but health and safety fears brought that to an end in 2009 added to which we were threatened with a planning enforcement notice by the National Park Authority closing us down. After three months of anguish they changed their mind and we were pronounced legal after all! (Don't you just love them!)

So what can you expect? We like to leave our guests alone unless they approach us when we are very happy to share our local knowledge on important subjects such as where to eat, where to walk, what are local attitudes towards dogs in pubs (most welcome them) and so on. We have horses who are very much part of our lives and we welcome our guests interest. Sometimes it nice to just have a natter. But we won't hassle you!

The Granary area from the roof of the Pole Barn Buzzard in the vegetable area
This is a view from the Pole Barn roof. There is plenty of parking space. The Granary Garden is off to the left out of view. Regular visitors are buzzards. Usually high in the sky with their own special call. One is seen here resting on the vegetable garden trellis.


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